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Sailing World: Best of Dr. Crash 2014


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Sailing World-Best of Dr. Crash Calendar

Collisions, wipeouts, and shattered egos are all in a day’s work for the good Doctor of nautical disasters. And fortunately for Sailing World magazine’s resident practitioner, today’s speed sailing zealots continue to keep him busy by toeing the razor-thin line between thrills and spills. This Dr. Crash calendar features twelve of his all-time favorites, but his cohorts are always ready, cameras in hand, so when your most embarrassing moment occurs—and trust us, it will—don’t be surprised when the Doc comes calling.

14 by 22 inches, open

Each month includes valuable advice like this example:


Dear Dr. Crash,
I can’t get anyone on my team to step up and call tactics or puffs. Instead, the MacGyvers are fixated on re-rigging everything on the boat, and even testing out some strange contraption of a spinnaker pole. It’s affected our results lately, and given me more than one headache. What to do?
— Pained in Panama City


Dear Pained,
As the old saying goes, “Choose your friends carefully and be even pickier with your crew.” It’s clear the parking lot toolbox derby has infected your team. Although serious, this problem can be cured with good oldfashioned pre-race prep. Duct tape is not the Holy Grail. With fewer boat bits falling out of the sky, your crew will soon shift their focus to the “real” competition. In the meantime, take two aspirin and get yourself a helmet.
— Dr. Crash


Sailing World Introduction

Sailing World magazine's Dr. Crash returns with another calendar of collisions, wipeouts and shattered egos on the sailing race course. Twelve photographs of sailors at their least skillful, along with Dr. Crash's unique diagnoses and prescriptions, make the Sailing World calendar a hilarious treat. The just-released Dr. Crash 2013 calendar is published by Tide-mark Press.

About Sailing World Calendar Photographs and Commentary

This calendar features the work of top sailing photographers and the humorous commentary of Dr. Crash, a physician who specializes in remedies for boathandling-challenged sailboat racers. The doctor of disaster contributes to each issue of Sailing World magazine, answering readers’ questions on how to avoid or extricate themselves from the many embarrassing moments that await them on the racecourse.

Sailing World magazine is for sailors who like to compete or to read about competitive sailing’s numerous facets: technique, technology, and those who race across oceans and on quiet harbors. The magazine is focused on helping sailors finish closer to the front in any race, but it’s also entertaining and, as this calendar demonstrates, covers the lighter side of the sport.

These photographs of other people's most embarrassing moments will inspire you to be more mindful on the water or at least ensure that no cameras are aimed your way. The photographs were selected by Dr. Crash of Sailing World magazine. The 2014 Sailing World calendar captures boat-handling challenged racers of sailboats of all sizes and descriptions. Each picture is accompanied by the doctor's commentary on the lighter side of the sport.

This beautifully designed publication is attractive and useful, with calendar grids that have large blocks for every day of the week. The monthly calendar also includes grids for the previous and forthcoming months, to make planning more convenient. The Sailing World calendar opens to a generous 14 by 22 inches, nearly 10 percent larger than most other brands and includes major holidays and phases of the moon. Tide-mark Press publishes distinctive books, cards and calendars. Full-color calendar titles range from nautical, art, and landscape, to trains, planes, and gardening.

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