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African American

J-Green-Contemplation-PuzzBoxLid_web60.jpg Contemplation by Jonathan Green

A young woman dressed in white sits on the blanket where she has planned to serve a picnic. While waiting for her friends to arrive, she contemplates the deep blue of the ocean contrasted by the surge of white clouds that fills the sky.

J-Green-CaneWomen-PuzzBoxLid_web60.jpg Cane Women by Jonathan Green

Framed by a dramatic sky, two female figures cross a deep green field. Each woman is dressed in dramatic colors and carries a stalk of cane across her shoulders. The wind sends the bright yellow ribbons they wear on their hats streaming toward the sky and the birds that soar overhead.

J-Green-HarvestFest-PuzzBoxLid_web60.jpg Harvest Festival by Jonathan Green

Waving red and blue streamers above their heads, a group of women celebrates the fall harvest. They parade through a field filled with remarkable color toward a sky that reflects the imminent change of seasons.

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