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Ancient Forests 2014

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Ancient Forests Calendar

Nature makes its own skyscrapers, and we honor them in Ancient Forests. Vast and long-lived, trees are nature's open-air buildings, providing housing, food, and elevated transport connections as they cluster together like growing cities. Unlike many buildings, however, trees are a pleasure to see as they prove nature's determination to link earth and sky.
14 by 22 inches, open

Trees pictured include:

Jeffrey Pine, Mammoth Lakes, Sierra Nevada Range, California
Joshua Tree, Mojave Desert, California
Redwood Tree, Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park, California
Blue Oak, Sierra Foothills, Tulare County, California
Red Cypress, Reelfoot Lake, Tennessee
Redwood Tree, Redwood National Forest, Northern California
Virginia Pine, Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee
Ponderosa Pine and Black Oak, Yosemite Valley, California
One-Seed Juniper, Garden of the Gods, Colorado
Quaking Aspens and Jeffrey Pines, Lundy Canyon, Eastern Sierra, California
Limber Pine (Patriarch Tree), Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
PŮon Pine, Tomís Place, Eastern Sierra, California

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