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Art of Fly Fishing 2014

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Art of Fly Fishing Calendar

Bob White's paintings in The Art of Fly Fishing capture the pleasures of time spent watching the arc of the cast, feeling the silent pull of the current, and waiting for the snap of the line. One of America's foremost painters of the sporting arts, he began his career wandering between Alaska and Patagonia for over two decades as an itinerant fishing guide. With the help of these vibrant images, you too can enjoy fly fishing throughout the entire year.
14 x 22 inches, open

Paintings featured include:

  • “Nymphing”
  • “Baja”
  • “Around the Fire”
  • “A Day to Remember”
  • “The Bridge Pool”
  • “Into the Light”
  • “End of the Day”
  • “Old Friends”
  • “An Outside Chance”
  • “Autumn Afternoon”
  • “Sylvan-Headwater Creek”
  • “Christmas Day”

About the Artist:

Bob White is a Minnesota artist and author whose work expresses a misspent youth, Bob White spent his time reading the outdoor books and sporting magazines of the day, instead of doing his homework. Subsequently, he has wandered between Alaska and Patagonia for over two decades as an itinerant fishing guide, looking for gainful employment. He now paints and writes for a living; which is to say, he’s still searching.

Bob has been influenced by such masters as Homer, Sargent, and Fournier, and by more recent artists, such as Pleissner, Jacques, and Sloane. He works in watercolors, oils, pencil, and ink, grasping the essence of a scene in a brief sketch. His ability to capture a fleeting moment through the eyes of a sportsman has earned him international recognition. His work hangs in the private and corporate collections of sportsmen on six continents.

He has guided in Southwest Alaska and has nearly two decades of experience there as a fishing and wing shooting guide. He also guided sportsmen in Argentina for a decade, and continues to host fly fishing and wing shooting trips to Patagonia, Alaska, Kamchatka, and other destinations. The photographs that he takes of his guests in the field frequently appear in national publications and are often used as reference material for field and stream portraits.

Bob was inducted into the Freshwater Fishing hall of Fame as a legendary artist in 2009. He was Fly Rod + Reel Magazine’s Guide of the year in 1988. As the 1994 artist of the year for the Alaska State Parks Foundation, Bob produced and donated the artwork for the first Alaska State Parks Foundation print. His work has been presented twice in Fly Rod +Reel Magazine’s Gallery. Bob has been featured as a guide and artist on ESPN’s “Fly Fishing the World” and “Fly Fishing America,” as well as on Ron Schara’s “Minnesota Bound.” He currently illustrates the closing columns for Fly Rod + Reel Magazine, Ducks Unlimited magazine, Gun Dog magazine and Hatches magazine. He is a columnist for Fly Rod + Reel magazine and regularly contributes to many other sporting publications.

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