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2015 Calendars

Please browse variety of our calendars or use the "Search By Subject" above to narrow down your selection.
Ride_Rope_FC_53-2015.jpg Ride & Rope 2015

NEW! The cowboy tradition lives on.

Sailing_Mark_FC_33-2015.jpg Sailing to the Mark 2015

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Sail boats at competitions from around the world round the mark together in this exciting annual photographic collection.

San_Francisco_FC_51-2015.jpg San Francisco 2015

NEW! From the shores of San Francisco Bay to the soaring Transamerica Tower, San Francisco 2015 shows off the special style of the city by the bay.

Santa_Fe_FC_29-2015.jpg Santa Fe Railway 2015

Images of steam and diesel from across a vast system so famous it was memorialized in an Academy Award-winning song.

Sara_Steele_FC_14-2015.jpg Sara Steele Originals 2015

Sara Steele Originals include an expansive selection of intimate flowers, richly toned landscapes, and stimulating abstract watercolors from this well-known Philadelphia artist.

Shortlines_FC_58-2015.jpg Shortline Railroads 2015

NEW! The sinews connecting America’s railroading muscle are the shortlines that rumble into smaller communities throughout the United States. 

Sierra_Nevada_FC_15-2015.jpg Sierra Nevada 2015

Naturalist John Muir called The Sierra Nevada, “The grandest of all special temples of Nature.”

Tall_Ships_FC_49-2015.jpg Tall Ships 2015

Traditional sailing vessels, square rigged ships and gaff-rigged sloops, pictured under way in waters around the world. Sail ho!

Union_Pacific_FC_31-2015.jpg Union Pacific Railroad 2015

NEW! The Union Pacific pioneered transcontinental rail service. Eventually, running freight through half of America meant long consists hauled by some of the largest locomotives ever built. 

Vintage_Air_FC_06-2015.jpg Vintage Airplanes 2015

Classic aircraft from the golden age of personal aviation with detailed stories of each plane featured.

Vintage_Motor_FC_35-2015.jpg Vintage Motorcycles 2015

These groundbreaking motorcycles would be the highlight of any collection.

Watercolors_FC_54-2015.jpg Watercolors 2015

NEW! Water, water everywhere, what colors it creates. 

When_Darkness_FC_52-2015.jpg When Darkness Falls 2015

Tony Mauro has an eye for that irresistible sort of lady whose first kiss may also be your last. See what the shadows may hold.

Wild_Horses_FC_21-2015.jpg Wild Horses 2015

To run free on the open range is the natural way of the horse. This calendar celebrates that freedom.

Wolves_FC_23-2015.jpg Wolves 2015

Artist Bonnie Marris paints wolves in all seasons, as hunters, foragers, and affectionate pack members.

Warbirds_FC_24-2015.jpg World War II Warbirds 2015

NEW! Warbirds brings together the drama of flight and the climactic action of war in the air through the paintings of William S. Phillips.

Yoga_FC_12-2015.jpg Yoga 2015

Photographed on location in Hawaii, Yoga practitioners here fuse physical strength, flexibility and spiritual confidence to create well-being in the “serene extreme.”

Yoga_Med_FC_43-2015.jpg Yoga Meditations and Mindfulness 2015

NEW! More than physical exercise alone, Karen Sothers understands Yoga as an effort to engage the body and the mind as one.

Yosemite_FC_20-2015.jpg Yosemite 2015

Share the awe naturalist John Muir felt when he explored what has become one of America’s most popular national parks.

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