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Colorado Narrow Gauge 2014


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Colorado Narrow Gauge Calendar

A rail-fan favorite, Colorado Narrow Gauge shows the trains that once traversed the narrow gauge rails, serving the Centennial state's mountain communities and their mines from the 1800s into the mid-1900s.
14 x 22 inches, open

Featured Trains and Locations:

  • Rio Grande 478 Durango Switcher, 1960
  • Denver and Rio Grande Western 486 heads eastward on the Monarch Branch to Salida, 1952
  • Denver and Rio Grande Western Rotary Plow OY with engines 486 and 487 to Chama, 1962
  • Denver and Rio Grande Western 473 and 498 are eastbound near Continental Divide in Siding, New Mexico, 1956
  • Rio Grande 476 and 473 head northbound in Hermosa, Colorado, 1959
  • Rio Grande 492 in Durango, Colorado, 1963
  • Engine 489 heads westbound through Maysville, Colorado on Monarch Branch, 1956
  • Denver and Rio Grande Western 318 in Ouray, 1950
  • Rio Grande 499 heads southbound on Valley Line, crosses Marshall Pass Line at Mears Junction, Colorado, 1949
  • Rio Grande 487 with Gramps Tank Cars heads eastbound at Coxo, Colorado, 1963
  • Rio Grande 499 heads eastbound near Lumberton, New Mexico, 1963
  • Rio Grande 476 and 478 leave Durango with double-headed work train to open up line to Silverton in San Juan Mountains after several feet of snow accumulation, 1948

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