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Holiday art prints - canvas prints, art, cats, wall decorations
These unique, new pieces of art make holiday decorating more festive and are ideal gifts, too. Each piece is individually matted and framed. The pleasure of unwrapping one of these paintings is sure to light up the holiday spirit.
Christmas Bouquet Canvas Print
Christmas Bouquet

Susan Tait Porcaro A professional illustrator, her greatest joy is in working with line and multiple layers of brilliant color to create the illusion of three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface. She chooses objects that have deep emotional significance for her.
Grace Framed Canvas Print

Framed and Matted $64 each
Finished Size: 13" x 16"
Free Shipping!

Christmas Angel
Christmas Angel

Lesley Anne Ivory is a uniquely talented artist whose distinctive style features exquisitely realistic depictions of cats on highly detailed backgrounds. Cats play an important part in Lesley Anne’s life—the majority of her paintings are portraits of her own cats and those belonging to members of her family and friends.

Framed and Matted $64 each
Finished Size: 13" x 16"
Free Shipping!
Jane Wooster Scott Holiday Greeting Cards

Jane Wooster Scott Paints Christmas Her Christmas cards speak to the traditional spirit of the holiday season. Each package contains twenty 5"× 7 cards of the same image, and costs $9.95

Christmas in the City Sales of the cards benefit the New-York Historical Society, from whose collection they come. Each package contains twenty 5"× 7" cards of the same image, and costs $12.95

NY Historical Society Holiday Greeting Cards

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