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Napa Valley Vineyards 2014

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The cork lifts away releasing the scent of earth and fruit. The splash of liquid pours into a glass, catching the light, shimmering, but beneath the surface there is more. In some magical way wine gives up sunshine and earth, sweetness and acid, tannins and oak, aroma and texture. The vintners of Napa Valley, California, seem to know better than almost anyone in America the way to capture the magic of wine. Napa Valley Vineyards is a tribute to that art.


14 by 22 inches, open

Featured Vineyards:

  • Inglenook Vineyard
  • Acacia Vineyard
  • The Silverado Trail
  • Bennett Lane Winery
  • Rombauer Vineyards
  • Terra Valentine
  • Ehlers Estate
  • Pine Ridge Vineyards
  • Shafter Vineyards
  • Groth Vineyards
  • Peju Province Winery
  • Somerston Wine Co.


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