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Since the 1800s, Native American Plains tribes have gathered for powwows to celebrate their rich heritage. The tradition continues with emphasis on spiritual and competitive dances. Photographer Chris Roberts shares the tradition through photographs. POWWOW captures the energy of powwow dancers who proudly preserve their ancestral traditions.


11 by 28 inches, open

Featured People and Locations:

  • Traditional woman dancer in northwest plateau dress
  • Frederica Hunter, Traditional woman dancer
  • Grass dancer competing in Toppenish, Washington
  • Louie Paul, Chicken dancer
  • Tatia Red Elk, Jingle Dress dancer at North American Indian Days in Browning
  • Guy Fox, Chicken dancer at intertribal dance at Kootenai’s Standing Arrow Powwow 2012
  • Walter Runsabove, Fancy dancer in Rocky Boy, Montana
  • Traditional woman dancer at Crow Fair, Montana in southern-style dress
  • Rod Atcheynum at intertribal at Rocky Boys’ Memorial Powwow
  • Taunie Cullooyah, Jingle Dress dancer
  • Matt Sheka, Straight dancer, at Crow Fair, Montana
  • Charles Robinson, Traditional dancer


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