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POWWOW Youth 2014

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Each year children and teens dance at many powwows around the country, following in the footsteps of their ancestors. These young people continue the rich traditions of America’s native peoples by participating in intertribal dancing and singing that have always been a part of powwows. In POWWOW Youth photographer Chris Roberts captures the energy and grace of the next generation of powwow dancers.


11 by 28 inches, open

Featured People and Locations:

  • Cherokee Christian, Traditional dancer, at Rocky Boys’ Annual Powwow
  • Sonny Little Head, Fancy dancer, at Intertribal
  • Morning Star Roberts, Fancy Shawl dancer
  • Traditional female dancer at the Standing Arrow Powwow, Montana
  • Chicken dancer at Rocky Boys’ Annual Memorial Powwow
  • Regine Wilson at Arlee Fourth of July celebration
  • Frankie Skwanqhun, Chicken dancer
  • Lu’Lani, Jingle Dress dancer, with sister Aereon Miller, Fancy Shawl dancer
  • Fancy dancer at Kootenai tribe’s Standing Arrow Powwow in Elmo, Montana
  • Ruben Little Head, Traditional dancer, at 2012 North American Indian Days Browning, Montana
  • Chase Comes-At-Night in Old Style Traditional regalia
  • Frank Runsabove, Fancy dancer, in Browning, Montana


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