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· Note Cards: Sara Steele’s Watercolors
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· Sara Steele
Blueprints for Paradise

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Sara Steele Originals 2014


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Sara Steele Originals include an expansive selection of intimate flowers, richly toned landscapes, and stimulating abstract watercolors from this well-known Philadelphia artist. Fans who know Ms. Steele's longstanding interest in things Chinese will enjoy seeing that influence reflected in Chinese poetry translated and in calligraphy each month. A portion of the sales benefits The National Domestic Violence Hotline. 

14 x 22 inches, open

Featured Paintings:

  • “Big Pink”
  • “Yellow Shiso”
  • “Smoky Coral Cymbidium”
  • “Dream Lodge”
  • “Mexico”
  • “Grandpa Ott Morning Glories with Native Honeysuckle”
  • “Deep Rose Sunset”
  • “Lycaste”
  • “Sumac”
  • “Night-blooming Cereus II”
  • “Poppy”
  • “Mesa/Sunset”

About the Artist


For over 35 years artist and activist Sara Steele has given us glimpses of a numinous world that can bring us peace, delight, and inspiration as we move through our everyday lives. Her paintings explore her concerns for our fragile and beautiful world, and through her art she illuminates why we might share her concerns.


Through her activism she works to have a more humane and sustainable existence on this planet, and to move those ideas from the realm of possible to that of the actual. Steele works with numerous nonprofit organizations locally, nationally, and globally on issues of peace, ecology, social and environmental justice, human rights, violence prevention, health, and women’s issues.

For more information about Sara Steele’s work, to see her original paintings, and for updates on her workshop and exhibition schedules, please visit You can also reach her at P.O. Box 4002, Philadelphia, PA 19118.

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