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Tall Ships 2014

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Tall Ships Calendar


There are few things on the high seas more dramatic than the great clouds of sail raised by traditional full-rigged ships. This edition of Tall Ships features vessels from ports around the world: Kaisei from Japan, Amerigo Vespucci from Italy, Christian Radich from Norway, Lord Nelson from Great Britain, and many more. Sales of the calendar benefit Tall Ships America, which supports sail training and education under sail.


14 by 22 inches, open

Featured Ships and Home Ports:

  • Wylde Swan : Makkum, Netherlands
  • Alexander von Humboldt : Bremerhaven, Germany
  • Christian Radich : Oslo, Norway
  • Kruzenshtern : Kaliningrad, Russia
  • Lord Nelson : Southampton, United Kingdom
  • Georg Stage : Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Amerigo Vespucci : Livorno, Italy
  • Tenacious : Southampton, England
  • Sørlandet : Kristiansand, Norway
  • HM Bark Endeavour : Sydney, Australia
  • Kaisei : St. John’s, Antigua
  • Juan Sebastián de Elcano : Cadiz, Spain


Tall Ships Artist

Photographed by Thad Koza, sales of the calendar benefit the American Sail Training Association (ASTA). ASTA is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the education and development of young people through sail training. The 2013 Tall Ships calendar captures the many forms these vessels can take. Each picture is accompanied by a description of boat and its history.

Tall Ships Calendar Photographs

Each picture is accompanied by a description of boat and its history. This beautifully designed publication is attractive and useful, with calendar grids that have large blocks for every day of the week. The monthly calendar also includes grids for the previous and forthcoming months, to make planning more convenient. The Tall Ships calendar opens to a generous 14 by 22 inches, nearly 10 percent larger than most other brands and includes major holidays and phases of the moon. Tide-mark Press publishes distinctive books, cards and calendars. Full-color calendar titles range from nautical, art, and landscape, to trains, planes, and gardening.

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