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Those Remarkable Trains 2014

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Those Remarkable Trains Calendar


This exceptional collection of classic train images offers thundering power and great style through more than 50 years of railroading. Those Remarkable Trains range from a New York Central “Mohawk” passing through Chicago, to engine 2807 wading through the 1951 Mississippi River flood in Iowa, to the sleek stainless-steel “Silver Wings” pulling the southbound “Texas Zephyr” through Palmer Lake, Colorado. Steam’s up; don’t miss the call!


14 by 22 inches, open

Featured Trains and Locations:

  • New York Central “Mohawk” 4-8-2 and Train 44 “New York Special” to New York City via Detroit, Michigan, 1955
  • Engine 807 (EMD E7A pair) with mail train at Atlanta, Georgia, 1955
  • Louisville and Nashville 359 near Emerson, Georgia, 1959
  • Engine 2807 2-10-2 wades through Mississippi River Flood backwaters, 1951
  • Monon 82A and Train 5 “Thoroughbred” at Dearborn Street Station, Chicago, Illinois, 1958
  • Alco PA 301 and Train 7 at Texarkana, Texas, 1955
  • Norfolk and Western 2079 (class Y3) near Bluefield, Virginia, 1955
  • West Side Lumber Company Shay 8 with log train heads to mill at Tuolumne, California, 1958
  • “Omaha Road” 106 (teen wheeler 4-6-0) and engine 150 (Fairbanks Morse H16-66) at Emerson, Nevada, 1953
  • Toledo, Peoria and Western 100 and 103(EMDs) at Farmdale, Illinois, 1956
  • Chicago and Illinois Midland 500 4-4-0 from Springfield to Perkin, Illinois
  • Colorado and Southern engine 9954 (EMD E5) and “Texas Zephyr” southbound at Palmer, Colorado, 1961


Those Remarkable Trains Background

The tracks, the trains and the history live on in the just-released Remarkable Trains Calendar 2012 calendar published by Tide-mark Press. Railroads started to connect American cities and towns starting in the 1820s. Nearly 200 years later, they're still on the job. Those 2012 Remarkable Trains calendar recalls the last great era of steam locomotives and the transition to diesel power in color photographs taken between the 1940s and the 1960s.

Those Remarkable Trains Calendar Photographs

Each picture is accompanied by a description of the action and the equipment. This beautifully designed publication is attractive and useful, with calendar grids that have large blocks for every day of the week. The monthly calendar also includes grids for the previous and forthcoming months, to make planning more convenient. Those Remarkable Trains calendar opens to a generous 14 by 22 inches, nearly 10 percent larger than most other brands and includes major holidays and phases of the moon.

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