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Vintage Airplanes 2014

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Vintage Airplanes Calendar

Vintage Airplanes pictures classic aircraft from the golden age of aviation. With photographs and descriptions by Dan Simonsen, each page includes a history of the model. The calendar delights fans of vintage aircraft, while its sales benefit the Golden Air Age Museum, a nonprofit educational institution founded to educate visitors about the early days of aviation.

14 x 22 inches, open

Featured Planes:

  • AT-11 Kansan
  • Piper J-3 Cub
  • Waco UPF-7
  • Bücker Bü 131
  • Goodyear FG-1D Corsair
  • Curtiss JN-4
  • Cessna 195A
  • Globe Swift
  • Curtiss Wright Robin
  • Westland Lysander
  • Nanchang CJ-6
  • PT-17 Stearman

About Vintage Airplanes:

As I look at this year’s calendar its truly international flavor stands out. Not only are there aircraft from other countries, but at least one of the images was taken overseas. 2014 has images from England, California, Las Vegas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. While last year’s calendar was filled with one of a kind aircraft, this year’s calendar is filled with some old favorites from different time periods.

The airplanes range from the early days of post- World War I barnstorming and the roaring twenties to the early post-World War II years. What do all of the airplanes have in common? To me they’re all beautiful and they each have their own story. Sometimes the story is in the design of the aircraft, like the Corsair’s gull wing design. Sometimes the story is in how the plane was used, like the Lysander, which was used to fly agents into occupied Germany. Sometimes the story is in what paint scheme an owner used on the aircraft, like the Golden Age Air Museum’s Curtiss “Jenny” barnstorming paint scheme to reflect the “Jenny’s” key role as a barnstorming airplane.

Every airplane has a story to be told and, more importantly, to be heard. The owners of these beautiful airplanes share the story of their airplanes for us to see. They preserve the memory of the yesteryears of aviation by keeping their airplanes flying.

As for me, I get the honor of using my trusty Nikon camera to paint a picture of light on the film. For this, I feel truly lucky.

To photograph this year’s 12 calendar beauties, I took somewhere between 100 and 300 positive images (slides), photos or digital images per airplane. So, we’re looking at somewhere well over 1,000 images to produce this one calendar. Taking that many photos or digital images presents its own logistical challenges. While last year I joked that a terabyte hard drive just doesn’t last as long as it once did, I’ll add that buying more hard drives just results in their getting filled and the slides for this year’s calendar take up a whole shelf in my closet.

As always, without the help of skilled and dedicated photo-chase pilots, the calendar wouldn’t be possible. I took some of these images many years ago and the names of some of my photo-chase pilots have escaped me. If I’ve forgotten your name I apologize, but I remember your skill and dedication in helping to get the shot. I also must thank: Bill Almond, J.O. Howatt, Les Deline, Denny Hickman, Andrew King, Bill Allen, and Scotty Patterson. It’s through their willingness to “chauffeur” me around the sky that these photos are possible. Of course, I also thank the aircraft owners for not only letting me photograph their beautiful aircraft, but for keeping them flying for all of us to see.

I’m always looking for aircraft to photograph. If you’d like your aircraft considered for a future Vintage Airplanes calendar, you can contact me via Tidemark Press; visit my website,; or send me an e-mail at

Until then, Blue Skies and Favorable Tailwinds. Let’s go fly!
– Dan Simonsen

Vintage Airplanes Calendar Photographs

This beautifully designed publication is attractive and useful, with calendar grids that have large blocks for every day of the week. The monthly calendar also includes grids for the previous and forthcoming months, to make planning more convenient. The Vintage Airplanes calendar opens to a generous 14 by 22 inches, nearly 10 percent larger than most other brands and includes major holidays and phases of the moon. Tide-mark Press publishes distinctive books, cards and calendars. Full-color calendar titles range from nautical, art, and landscape, to trains, planes, and gardening.

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