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When Darkness Falls 2014

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"A pretty girl is like a melody that haunts you night and day..." but the song doesn't warn about the pretty sirens you meet When Darkness Falls. Tony Mauro has an eye for that irresistible sort of a lady whose first kiss may also be your last. See what the shadows may hold.

11 x 28 inches, open

About the Artist

"Fantasy art always intrigued me," says Tony Mauro, "I enjoy Boris Vallejo, Olivia, and Sorayama." His other passion is for dark gothic art like Brom and Beksinski. Integrating the two realms was always Tony's vision for his fantasy art.

Tony graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1991 with a degree in visual communications and a major in airbrush illustration. After spending six years as an airbrush illustrator he crossed over to the computer, which he had resisted, as do most traditional illustrators.

Tony Mauro left his hometown, Buffalo, NY, and moved to Los Angeles in 1994. The first several years in Los Angeles were spent working with an illustration and design studio in Santa Monica, where Tony refined his computer skills and began developing
the style that he uses today. For about two and a half years Tony worked almost exclusively on designing posters, calendars, book covers, and video box covers for the hit show The X-Files.
His transition into Pin-up/Fantasy art came shortly after that, when he started developing the "When Darkness Falls" Vampire Series. Using his small knowledge of photography, gained from shooting his own reference images as an illustrator, he began photographing friends and acquaintances on evenings and weekends. Those photographs would be the foundation for his vampire series. By the time he was wrapping up the series—which was generating quite a buzz among the model circuit in Los Angeles. Playmates, Penthouse Pets, and some adult-film stars contacted him about the possibility of being involved in a project.

Tony categorizes his art as photo-based illustration. It starts with a very simple photograph that, after a series of layering techniques using both traditional and digital effects, is transformed from reality to fantasy. All of the backgrounds and atmospheres are created on the computer as well. The use of photographs as the base for his art results in the super realistic aspect of the images. His traditional skills really come into play if there is an aspect of the photograph he doesn't like: he paints it out and creates what he needs from scratch.

In July 2000, Tony formed a small publishing company, Darkday Productions, to produce limited edition prints from a small selection of the series. The prints are mainly available online at In addition to the website Tony travels around the country doing pin-up, comic, and horror conventions to market and promote his prints.

In 2004 Tony's debut book, The Dark Art of Tony Mauro, was released worldwide by a German publisher. The book is available at, as well as at

Tony has recently returned to Buffalo to focus more of his time on his fantasy art while still freelancing for the entertainment industry designing movie posters. "I'm not sure what turn my work will take next stylistically, but I'm looking forward to finding out," says Mauro.

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